Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pony Club Fall Festival

    The Cuddy Valley Pony Club Fall Festival was a blast! It was held at the beautiful Bonfield Farm. They gave away free horse/pony rides, which were not your usual short 15 foot diameter. They led you around a riding area that was about 1/4 mile long! First lap was free, additional laps $1 each.  The Pony Club also sold wonderful baked goods and pizza.
    Despite our first snowfall in Cuddy Valley the night before, the event was a big success. I hosted my monthly Michi's Magic Bookshelf storytime and craft. We read Molly the Pony, and Fritz and the Beautiful Horses. I held a free raffle, and a lucky young lady won a copy of Fritz.
    The monkey took his first ride on a horse, without a seatbelt. He was a little frightened at first, but with encouragement from Mrs. Bonfield, settled down and enjoyed his ride. That minx had better like horses, or I'll think my baby was switched at birth! Horses are in my blood...
This is the snow we woke up to in Cuddy Valley...Kosmo's first! Melted by midday, but was so pretty!!

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