Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monkey Business

The Monkey (aka 'Edward Scissorhands') is always busy concocting some kind of art project. He took some of my gloves, cotton balls & googly eyes to make these puppets...pretty cool, eh?
    He & the other Pine Mountain Learning Center students visited JPL on Wednesday...They had a blast, despite the bus breaking down on the way home. His little friend came over yesterday for rollicking fun, homemade pizza, peach/cranberry pie (even better than apple cranberry!) & they had even more fun making caramel apples.
    I'm making Asian meatloaf (recipe from my friend Christine) & more pie (with a better crust) tonight. Will post recipes tomorrow. I will also post the progress on our strip of land between the fence/street. Free mulch from our awesome neighbor friend today = much more attractive streetscape!

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