Sunday, October 10, 2010

M&M Peaches!

   After I got off work at Mountain Properties today, we finally went to investigate M&M Peach Ranch, on Lake Hughes Road (3 Points), just south of the 138. Wow! We are sooo glad we did! The peach orchard is HUGE, & loaded with wonderful, organic peaches...You can fill that bucket up for $25 (it is a lot bigger than it looks in the photo), or for a small family like ours, the kind owner will adjust. Bill was very welcoming, & let us go look at the lovely pond with ducks & geese. Great setting for a wedding (which they used to host regularly), with an island that has a pretty arch and barbeque. I'll have to add the pond photos later, as I forgot my camera, & had to use the camera phone. With our spotty cell service, only managed to receive some of the photos.
     Hurry, hurry, hurry! There is probably just one more weekend to pick the aptly named, "Last Chance" peaches. I am baking a wonderful peach cobbler as I type, but they are yummy fresh, too. June is the cherry season (we will definitely be there!), then Ryan Sun peaches followed by the Last Chance peaches, which are in great demand & famous to gourmands in the San Francisco area. And here we have the source of these gourmet treats available to us fresh off the trees!!

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