Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Surprise in the Garden and Great July

   Look what we found hiding under a leaf this morning! The biggest pumpkin growing in our garden! It is a little bigger than a softball. Whee!
  Look at the progress the tomatoes are making...

   I am not quite sure if these are pumpkins or spaghetti squash. We'll be happy with either.

   Last weekend, the Moose Lodge had a little carnival fundraiser. It was great fun! I love living in the country!! If I finally get a job that actually pays (besides my realtor "hobby" as the hub calls it - lol), I think we will join the Moose Lodge.
   On a final note, here is the limoncello! It is delicious. Notice there is only one pretty bottle? I BROKE the other one! However, I was able to salvage a small bit for us. This bottle went to my wonderful friend, "K," who had the monkey over for a sleepover last night. We had a fantastic gourmet dinner at our neighbor-friends' home, that was child-free! Appetizers included thin crust pizza with nectarine, mint & goat cheese, and arugula/goat cheese/heirloom tomato. Great wine, great friends, great wonder I need to lose 20 pounds! But I'd rather be chubby with joie de vivre, than starve myself to be skinny!

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