Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July Happenings!

   I am so giddy that Glenn fixed my laptop! It is so fast now, too! I can update this blog in a timely manner now! Here we are in June, picking organic cherries at M&M peach ranch.
   Wow, the monkey's hair sure was long!
   Besides taking & passing the 4 hour written portion of the CPACE (California Preliminary Administrative Credential Exam), I have been reading and GARDENING! Look how tall my corn is!
   What is really awesome about my garden, is all the tomato, pumpkin & squash that sprouted from my compost I made! This is a pumpkin growing...
   It's hard to see, but the little baby tomato growing is a roma, I believe.
   I have baby round tomatoes...
...and this baby, which I believe is some kind of heirloom, as it already has ridges. I'm hoping it's a Cherokee Purple, which I grew in a pot last year.

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