Monday, May 14, 2012

Michi Le Fermiére

   Je une fermiére! Yes, I am a farmer! This is my new, upper tier (ignore the massive foxtails) with my corn patch. The fenced area is my baby pumpkin patch with the seedlings that sprouted in my compost.
   This is the bottom tier, with asparagus (they look like dead weeds), strawberry and Japanese eggplant.

   This is the middle tier, with artichoke and asparagus. I plan to add spaghetti squash as well. In fact, I may have some spaghetti squash seedlings sprouting amongst my corn.

   I also have tomato, strawberry & petunias in pots...
Basil and more petunias...
   We had so much fun at the Mother's Day dinner Saturday, I only snapped one shot. This was the amazing first course, with the handmade pasta & spicy shrimp/crab. Note my friends doing the classic Japanese peace sign shot in my!

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