Saturday, May 26, 2012

Crazy Busy 7 Days & BMWs!

  Boy, am I exhausted! In the last 7 days, I worked Lilac 8 hours & 9 hours, threw a Family Math Event, attended MCCOC & Pinon Pines HOA board meetings, Griffin's Open House, AND worked at Sagebrush Annies Tues. - Friday. They hosted over 150 journalists for lunch on three separate days for BMW USA. The lucky writers, from all over the western hemisphere, got to test drive the new 640i and M6 convertibles!
Even the CEO visited Sagebrush!
   I was so nervous, since the only restaurant experience I have was hostessing at the Malibu Carlos & Pepe's in the '80s, but I did fine, & got tipped with three bottles of wine! Woohoo! I'll post more photos later; now I have to get ready for my storytime/craft at the Bonfield Horse Farm today!

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