Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fantastic Mother's Day!

   I am having an awesome Mother's Day weekend! Look at the gorgeous tulips the hub gave me, from our wonderful local florist, Dragonfly's Garden...and, he remembered no baby's breath!
      I had fun yesterday, puttering in my yard, where we are enjoying our first beautiful massive iris bloom. I also have planted asparagus, artichokes, pumpkins, corn and Japanese eggplant in my vegetable garden. Flower-wise, I am weeding out my flower patch out front, and planted a snowball bush. I also worked on the pinecone wreaths for the PMLC Lilac Festival booth. I had to undo the wiring the kids 'helped' me with the other I took photos of the garden, but left my camera with them at our neighbor-friends' last night.
   Speaking of which, we had one of the best meals of our lives there last night! Their son & daughter-in-law, N&C, made an amazing gourmet dinner. First course was handmade, fresh pasta, with a cream sauce and spicy shrimp/crab. The main course was filet mignon, with a peppercorn sauce, cumin carrots, & broccoli rabe. Just amazing... Of course we had some awesome Laetitia sparkling, & an array of fantastic wines. I made creme brulees for dessert, with a macerated blackberry/strawberry sauce on the side. I need to learn a new dessert, as I'm becoming a 'one-trick pony.' However, the brulees were yummy...
   Even though I'm working today, I am having a great day multi-tasking in the real estate office, printing out listing brochures while I update this blog. I'll have garden & dinner photos tomorrow!
   This photo is of the monkey last weekend on Boys' Day, hence the koi nobori. Note the nice scratch marks on my front door. On my long list of desired items, is a new Mission-style front door, so I don't mind so much...

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