Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Cambria Photos!

So, the house we rented in Cambria was so adorable. Wonderful decks, & multiple levels tucked into a wooded hillside. In fact, this am was like a Disney movie, with a variety of woodland creatures puttering outside the window, including: squirrels, quail, woodpeckers, & these little birds that looked like they were wearing bright yellow goggles (will have to look them up). Of course, the photos from this am are on my iPhone, & I haven't uploaded them yet. So, those will come later.
This was the adorable room the monkey slept in. It had its own deck with the bbq (but we didn't use the bbq this time). Moose slept in his room both nights, keeping a close watch on his boy...

This is the cute little backyard. Note the moss that hung from all the trees. Despite all the wood & damp environment, not a trace of mold in the house (& I would be the one to spot it, as I have the nose of a bloodhound). I did detect a little residual dog odor in a few spots, & let the management co. know, but the hub & monkey didn't smell it at all.

Our room was on the top level, with its own little deck (a bit of ocean view can be seen on a clear day), a little stove, & its own bathroom.

  After visiting Rocky Creek, we went to Jack Creek Farms, for some yummy treats. They have really prettied up the property. They had ropes & a small practice cow (the monkey is seen sitting on). We had fun trying to rope it.
  From Jack Creek, we drove up Vineyard (one of the prettiest roads in Paso Robles) to Opolo (will post photos tomorrow). We had a yummy lunch of wood fired pizza & a sausage platter, washed down with some delicious sangiovese.

I took this photo at Pasolivo, where we stopped to sample olive oil. I love, love their olive oils! There were some beautiful layers of oak leaves on the ground (photos to come tomorrow).
These are olive trees along Vineyard Drive...
This hillside was just gorgeous in person, with the vines displaying their brilliant fall hues...
This is the same hillside, but seen through the massive oaks that Paso Robles is known for (it is officially El Paseo de Robles, which means Pass of the Oaks).
Elephant Seals!
After the olive oil, it was back to the coast, to check out the elephant seals!!
We stopped at Piedras Blancas, north of San Simeon. The seals did not disappoint; look at them all! They make the funniest noises, and seemed very content. Speaking of content, look how happy Moose looks in the next two photos...

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