Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monkey Business

So, the monkey has been having a great month. We did some peach picking at M&M on Oct. 1, for the 'Last Chance' peaches. Yummy, but I think my favorite is the Ryan's Sun. Aaaaaah, now we have to wait for cherries in June...

On our way to M&M, we took Pine Canyon to 3 Points, instead of staying on the 138. Gorgeous drive with spectacular views...
This is where the southbound part of the Ridge Route soon turns to a dirt road & goes all the way to Castaic.
On October 16, the monkey & two other pack members sold popcorn at the Flying J (that truck stop that most people think is Frazier Park, & does not at all reflect what it is like to live here). They were able to sell two cases to raise money for the pack!!
  Now, I'm a little more caught up. I am exhausted after happily teaching all week, and being done with meetings three days in a row (HOA, cub scouts &  Chamber of Commerce). No wonder I'm sick!! LOL

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