Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catching Up; Beautiful Horse Visits Our School!

Wow, I am sooo behind!! On Sept. 30, the wonderful Mrs. C brought one of her beautiful horses to visit the Gorman School. Sorry, can't remember his name (I'm sick!). Anyway, she showed how she cares for his natural, unshod hooves, & everyone was able to pet him.

  The campus of Gorman School is so pretty, and we allegedly even have a ghost! No one currently at the school has encountered her. I have been there alone on numerous occasions, and if there is a ghost, she must be really nice, as I have only had good 'vibes' there.
  The story is that there were fields where the school is now. A little girl who lived on the farm really wanted to go to school. One day, she jumped off her father's tractor to greet the school bus, and was accidentally run over. The school is supposedly built over her resting place. I will actually be telling Harriet's story this Saturday at the Ridge Route Museum, during my monthly storytime/craft.

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