Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

   Last weekend, I had my "Magic Bookshelf" storytime at M&M peach ranch. It was awesome; Bill Basner walked us around the ranch, and we learned about growing peaches (e.g. all of his trees are grafted onto plum bases), cherries and even his new persimmons and pomegranates. Next year, Mr. Basner is going to put in a pumpkin patch, and we are going to have a special pumpkin festival weekend! The kids all received two free peaches, and a lot of us went peach picking afterward...

Here are the baby pomegranate bushes. Some have flowers and fruit, but they aren't mature enough to have a harvest this year. Next year should be their first productive year.
   Remember how pretty the grounds are? Great spot for a wedding!
   Aaaah..."Last Chance" peaches...I am waiting for these to be ready to pick! They should be ready in a week or two, and I will be there! Today was the last day for the Ryan's Sun. I have two bags of the Ryan's Sun frozen, so I can enjoy a peach pie in the middle of winter...
   I'll try and post about THIS weekend's happenings tomorrow!

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