Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PMC Pool

   The monkey is in his second week of swim lessons at the Pine Mountain Club pool, and has made soooo much progress! He is so willing to go under water, and can now kick without bending his legs (not in this photo, though!). The young lifeguards and instructors are awesome!
   Look at that adorable face (and the lovely mountain view behind him). Have met some very nice people poolside, and very grateful to my friends Lisa & Julie for the guest pass!
   Had a Norton anti-virus 'house party' on Sunday. It was very informative, and if anyone wants, I have extra discount cards to save money on purchasing Norton (which is the program I use). Amy was the lucky winner of a free year of Norton!! The Free Norton Online Family program is a great way to keep your kids from accessing inappropriate info on the internet, too.
   Well, enough procrastinating, time to type the minutes for the chamber of commerce (if you are awaiting PMLC SAC minutes, those are in the hands of the director & SAC pres., those were done Sunday nite!!

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