Monday, August 29, 2011

Gotta Love Bakersfield

   We had the BEST breakfast ever, at Hotel Noriega on Saturday. If you recall, I love having dinner at this wonderful, Basque restaurant, which recently won a James Beard award. Now, I am in love with their breakfast. For only $10 for adults (children are charged based on their age), we had the best breakfast I have ever had.
   You wait in the barroom, as you do for dinner, and they take your egg order (scrambled, omelette, fried, etc.). When they called us in, I was amazed by the array of food: a huge platter of bacon and linguica; a platter of pork chops; since most of us ordered scrambled eggs, a platter of those; a platter of Basque sourdough bread & tons of butter for it; a plate of french fries; and even a soy sauce-sized bottle of wine. You are supposed to choose one drink, but they were nice enough to let us have more than one choice. I was in heaven...They also had this really yummy tart cherry jam (I think for the pork chops, but the kids loved it). My friend ordered an omelette, and it was huge, with cheese, mushrooms & I believe onion.
   After breakfast, we went to the circus. My friend had bought the tickets as soon as they went on sale a month ago. It was AWESOME! We were able to view the animals before the show, & they were gorgeous. The show itself was wonderful, and we had great seats. Rabobank Arena is much smaller than any of the LA venues. So glad we went!!

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