Thursday, August 14, 2014

1st Day of School Camping Theme Classroom

This is the sign that greeted my TK/K/1 class this morning!

This is the inside of my door (class list goes on the brown section). I had a few last minute additions (happily). This morning, I used the branch frame to photograph my students (they held it in front of their faces).

   My calendar wasn't ready this a.m., but it's ready now! I like a LARGE calendar for the youngsters. The decor at the top changes each month.
   This is my new camping theme alphabet (purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers). I kind of regret laminating it, as I don't like the glare from the fluorescent lights.
   I was able to free up room on the bookcase to the left in the library (yay!) by renovating this old wire shelf I had, & using it for my guided reading books. They are now in baskets by level, from aa - N. 

   This is the rest of the reading area; it's a campsite! The kids went a little nuts for it today, & are dying to play in this area. When the novelty wears off a little, it will be a comfy & cozy spot to read. Love the IKEA rug.

   I made these cute labels for the three table groups in my classroom; they sit at 'cabins' one, two or three.
   I'm a big fan of 'book boxes,' so they correspond to the table groups. The children also have camping themed math journals.
   This is our sweet little garden, with ripe tomatoes, and green apples on the tree to the right. I'll take pix of the tree with red apples soon.
   So, this is my classroom thus far, and I'm pleased as punch, especially with my little darlings...
   WOOPS! I sent them each home with a cute little goodie bag (idea from Pinterest, of course).

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