Monday, July 21, 2014

How Does My Garden Grow?

   We planted our corn seedlings that we grew from seed on July 5. They were looking a little wan, and scorched.

   NOW, look how they have grown in a few short weeks! We also have our pumpkin seedlings planted, and are attempting a sugar snap pea tepee (they 'no looka so good' though). Note the photo bomb by my stalker-dog, Kosmo, in both photos.
   I hope the corn continues to do well. Last year, we had about 10 yummy ears, so this time, we planted more. At the bottom left corner is a pumpkin plant that sprouted on its own. The little stalks at the bottom are green onions I have resprouted from the bottoms of  onions we used, instead of throwing them away or putting them in my compost bin.
   Because I am crazy (or a glutton for punishment), I am attempting to grow another artichoke. Last year, the ants' aphid farm and the gophers killed my artichoke, when it had about 6 baby chokes growing. Crossing my fingers I can defeat the pests this year. The bushy plant you see on the right are my asparagus plants, which are being allowed to grow now that 'picking season' is over.

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