Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kandinsky Circles & Other Updates

   I'm not quite ready to post the 'after' photos of my class, but it is definitely looking much better than my last post, so look out for new photos to come! On Friday, my class learned about Wassily Kandinsky (abstract art pioneer), then made their own 'concentric circle' works of art, while listening to great music (Seu Jorge from the 'Steve Zissou' soundtrack). They need to finish on Monday, but I was so impressed with what they produced! Note the desks on the right: they were so ugly with permanent stains, we covered them with contact paper...pretty nice fix, eh?
   My chickens love their new birdhouse feeder. I love it, because they haven't figured out how to knock it down, yet, plus it's so cute! We found it at the Fall Festival, in PMC.
   Speaking of the Festival, my two guys helped Lola 4 Pets win the Best Animal category in the parade! Handsome Henry did such a great job, too! I helped paint faces in the Peak to Peak booth...

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