Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve!

   The weimaraners surveyed their realm on New Year's Eve morning. There was still enough snow for the monkey and I to get some serious sledding in!
   Look at what a glorious morning it was!
    Here is Henry!
    The dogs were on their best behavior. No altercations like on Friday, thank goodness.
   The little spots in the white 'V' in the trees are the cows. In person, you could see them quite well. These are the same cows that made a break for it a week or so ago. The hub had to chase them back, or they were going to go visit our neighbors...

   The monkey was yakking and eating
   The 'Jeffersons' birds in the snow...
   This is the AWESOME telescope that my sis & her hub gave to the!! I think we'll check out the stars tonight!!

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