Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cub Scout Blue & Gold

   Wow, I am behind! This is from the weekend of Feb. 25...This year's Blue & Gold (a celebration of Scouting's birthday) had a camping theme. We had a great time feasting on hot dogs and yummy sides. Three of the boys, including the monkey, decorated cakes for the cake auction. This is the monkey's cake. There is a teddy graham trying to catch a yellow 'fish,' a bear in a cave, a man sleeping in the tent, and a man with his head on a pretzel pillow. I thing the pretzel pieces in the 'stream' are supposed to be sticks in the water.
   These are the other two cakes. With the auction and donations, the boys raised $80 for the pack. Excellent fundraising, considering are pack is so small, and no tiger cubs came.
   This is the monkey working on his cake. The night before, the hub & I had a rare night out with our great friends, K & T. Sushi in Bako, then karaoke at our local dive bar. I actually got up and sang to Hole, just because it's something no one would expect me to do (and fortified by sake & gimlets). LOL

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