Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Day in the Mountains!

We had a busy day of chainsawing the broken limbs from last week's storm & doing general upkeep. Since I mowed the 'back 40' yesterday, the hub & I enjoyed some afternoon adult beverages on the hill this afternoon. Note the idiot dog in the 'cone of shame' & Hannibal Lector (aka Moose) in one of the many resting pits he has dug in the yard in the lower right corner. Apparently, Glade is toasting a ghost...

The hub is pointing to idiot dog's chubby chipmunk cheek (did I mention I found another squirrel carcass yesterday?). My tasty beverage is in the rubber coated glass as seen in "Mystery Men."
Hannibal in the foreground, & his hapless victim in the cone of shame...didn't I do a nice job mowing & removing those pesky tumbleweeds??

It was such a pretty afternoon, but difficult to capture the beauty of the sky...I began digging out the spot for my veggie garden...

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