Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finally, Signs of Spring!

   Wow! A lot has changed since my last post. Spring has finally sprung! This is the view from my backyard this morning. The lilac is beginning to leaf out, and we are preparing two terraced areas in the side of the hill, where you see the long dirt area (just ignore the 'bat caves' Moose has dug above that).
   One raised-bed plot will be for corn, which I have sprouted in a seed container. The other raised bed will be for a small variety of vegetables. I am hoping to grow some peppers, broccoli, and eventually, when it is hot enough, Japanese eggplant. We shall see...What I really would like to do, is plant some cold-hardy wine grapes alongside the plots...
   I am also hoping to get a nice grassy area growing in the flat area at the top, so we can get some fun croquet games going this summer (I love croquet!). We are also going to dig out a horseshoe pit along the fence.

   Remember the snow in my last post? Now my grass is taking hold (despite the best efforts of the pesky gophers). All three apple trees are beginning to leaf (the mystery red, Golden Delicious and Sierra Beauty). Speaking of fruit, it will soon be cherry-picking time at M&M! Can't wait!

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