Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas & I LOVE Trader Joe's!

I WISH my house still looked like this! Most of the snow melted yesterday, and the RAIN has finished off the rest. It is now a giant mud pit on my property. In fact, I had one of my mud boots sink almost 2 feet, & pop off my foot this morning!

On a happier note, I'm just LOVING Trader Joe's even more than usual! I decided to make last night's dinner a 'surf N turf,' since we had leftover fab steaks from the night before. I found these great steamed mussels at TJs, & they are only $3.99 box. Delicious, just a little too heavy on the thyme. We started off with TJ's veggie samosas with homemade cilantro/mint sauce, then had TJ's garlic naan with our surf 'n turf.  YUM.

So this morning, after my pre-teen FINALLY came down, I made him yummy French toast with TJ's cinnamon swirl bread (to die for). But wait, there's more!
  I topped it with the Trader Joe's cookie butter, which I purchased for the first time yesterday. NOT good for a diet, but YOWZA, is it delish!!
Of course, I had a fab Thanksgiving thanks to Trader Joe's. BUT, I also helped host a wonderful wedding shower for my nephew thanks to TJs. I purchased the RSVP brut sparkling, and various juices for a wonderful mimosa/sangria bar. Spiced apple cider, OJ, cranberry and ruby grapefruit were the choices, and 4 kinds of fresh fruit. See the photo below:
Didn't that come out great?? Pretty serving bottles from Target, lambrusco from San Antonio winery, & a great red from Tobin James. Delicioso!

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