Friday, April 11, 2014

Central Coast Jaunt

  Last weekend, we took a quick one night trip to San Luis Obispo to do research on the monkey's California mission project. It was a great excuse to spend a night at Avila Beach...
This is one of the piers. There are seals or sea lions hanging on that weird contraption, that were making a ton of noise.
   Hotels in Avila tend to be pricey, but I nabbed a decent room at the San Luis Bay Inn for a reasonable price.
   The monkey was in heaven...
Of course, I had to stop at the Avila Valley Barn for some yummy treats, like Paso Almond Brittle. This is what remains of the old shack I photographed a number of years ago. It's completely collapsed.
   There was NO way I could visit the area without doing a little wine tasting! We had never gone through Edna Valley, so we cruised through on our way home. This is the view from Edna Valley Vineyards...excellent wine, and lovely grounds. In fact, HGTV was filming there.
   On the recommendation of the nice local at Edna Valley, we visited the tiny Autry Cellars. They only produce about 1,000 cases a year. This is where the magic happens! The machines in the back are a bottler, and corker, as I recall. A little pricey, but fantastic reds.

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