Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Fun

 The hub did such a nice job on the Halloween decorations, I had to snap some pix before they came down...
 He had strobes on these tombstones...
Henry peed on one of these right after I took the photo (he's a dog, by the way)...

 My cherry tree's leaves were such a pretty yellow the other can see my corn patch remnants in the backround.
 These mums (?) come back every year...
 My Japanese maple's leaves were still so pretty just the other day. Now they are brown and dry. The yellow delicious tree's leaves are yellowing and falling.
Front porch can stay for Thanksgiving.

The monkey was Zorro for Halloween...glum look because I had just had a rant (I am nothing, if not honest!).

Don't feel too sorry for him. I took him to Disneyland yesterday. We were there 11 hours!!


  1. I bet you have the most amazing view when it snows. It's getting to be that weather! Very fun decorations.

    1. :) You will have to come over sometime!