Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Horses are Heavenly!

    SO happy I was able to take Kahlua out for a quick ride today, before the rain comes this week. She was happy to get out, and she got a little frisky when we hit this one spot she likes to speed up. I held her back, & she did a little tossing around (I think she even gave a little buck). She's so easy to sit, though, and I calmed her down. Hard to believe she's an old horse, sometimes! This photo is from the other day, on my iPhone, so the quality isn't the best. I LOVE that I can just go for a ride any time; it is such a great feeling! There is such a great bond you develop with your horse...
   This is looking up towards our house. Speaking of which, the hub has done a marvelous job with the Christmas lights this year. Best display yet! You can see our deck lights from Cuddy Valley Rd., but the front is just beautiful!
   This is from the other day, when we made a complete circuit from Pinon Pines to Darling Rd., & returned through the back. I'm always looking for big rocks or sharp limbs that might cause an injury. There are still a ton of broken limbs from that big storm in March of 2011.

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